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ASSOCIATION OF VOICE ARTISTES (AVA), to be referred to as Union.

Registered office

The Registered office of the Association shall be situated in Greater Mumbai.

Aims & Objectives

The Association shall be a non-political organization / Union having the following Aims & Objectives:

  1. To organize & unite the persons engaged in the field of Voicing / Dubbing in Films / T.V. / Radio / Advertising & all electronic media & so on in Maharashtra State & to regulate their relations with their Employers / Clients.

  2. To secure to the members fair conditions of life & service.

  3. To try to redress their grievances.

  4. To endeavor to settle disputes between employer & members / between members themselves, amicably, so as to ensure smooth functioning of the working conditions & to regulate the relations amongst them.

  5. To endeavor to provide against sickness, unemployment, infirmity, old age & death.

  6. To endeavor to secure compensation for members in case of accident.

  7. To try to provide legal assistance to members in respect of matters arising out of or incidental to their professional engagements.

  8. To endeavor to render aid to the members during any strike brought about with the sanction of the Union or lockout.

  9. To obtain information in reference to the Voicing / Dubbing profession in India & outside.

  10. To associate with Organizations (of labour) particularly those having similar objectives in India & outside & thereby achieve its goals.

  11. For the attainment of these objects, the Union may establish branch offices in various cities.

  12. To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any immovable or movable property & any rights & privileges which the Association may deem necessary for its purpose.

  13. To invest & deal with the finances of the Association not immediately required in any manner, upon such investments as may be determined from time to time by the Managing Committee, but such investments shall not be made for any purpose other than those related to the Objects of the Association directly.

  14. To foster brotherhood & unity amongst voice artists working in the film, television, radio & advertising industries under the banner of Association of Voice Artistes or AVA.

  15. The Association shall strive to safeguard the welfare of its members with out any bias or discrimination of language, cast, creed, sex or race.

  16. To secure representation of its members on delegations, commissions, committees etc. set up by the Central or State Governments or the Film Industry, television industry, advertising industry or broadcasting industry & so on.

  17. The Association from time to time, may arrange seminars & workshops to facilitate exchange of ideas & techniques for the benefit of all Members.

& to do such other things as may be necessary from time to time, to further the interests of the Association.


For the purpose of membership of the Association, a Voice Artist means ‘any person engaged in the work of Voicing in any language, engaged in Films / T.V. / Radio / Advertising & all electronic media & so on.’

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