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Darrpan Mehta
Voice Artiste, Director Sugar Mediaz
& Founder of India Voice Fest

It has been one of my life's privileges to have served the Association of Voice Artistes as a humble volunteer first and then as the Hon. General Secretary.

AVA represents the unified cause, welfare and promotion of voice acting as a craft and Industry in India. 

AVA has been nurtured by the commitment and dedication of our Industry's stalwarts and young talents alike.

I wish only the best for the Association of Voice Artistes in times to come!



Chetan Shashital

A Versatile Oral Instrument to Communicate and Express. Today there are several aspiring Voice Actors who want to have their place in the Voicing Industry. But even today this industry needs to become more organized. That's why in 1999 like minded Voice Actors came together and AVA was born. An organization of the Voices formed by the Voices for the Voices so that every Voice is heard. I am proud to be a part of AVA. Let there be Voice

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Vishnu Sharma
Former president at AVA

उद्घोषकों की समस्याओं का समाधान आवा हमारे व्यवसाय की एकमात्र पेहचान आवा वो संस्था जो हमारी तकलीफ़ों को समझती है।     आवा वो संस्था जो बिना भेद-भाव के हमारे साथ चलती है।                   आवा हमें इस संस्था को नई उंचाईयों तक ले जाना है।

हम सबको मिलकर एक "आवा-भवन" बनाना है।                 vo..आवाजों की "आवाज़ "


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Ankur Javeri

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be one of the Founders of AVA and have relentlessly given it 10yrs of my life as a committee member and also the youngest Vice President & President. 

AVA is the shield, the umbrella, the Mother to each and every voice artist - protecting, sheltering & upholding their rights as well as binding them together like a close knit family.

AVA, it’s a parallel to the love every soldier has towards his motherland. 
Viva AVA !!!


Nita Bajpai
Voice Artiste, Former VP and Gen Secretary 

Voice is the first introduction of our personality and AVA gives body to the voice.  
Art is about connecting with people's emotions and AVA is the link and medium of making a mark and contributing to the development of the voice actors by way of interacting, inspiring, pushing communities to engage thoughtfully towards fraternity's progress.
AVA has always worked for the welfare of the Voice Actors.

So proud that I too got an opportunity to serve AVA and have always pledged to make my  AVA family strong

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